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Not all faulty locks require replacement, many can in fact be repaired. Our experienced and conscientious Locksmiths will assess the damage and make an informed decision as to whether or not the lock can be repaired, or if it is more cost effective to replace old for new.

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Blocked Keyway

Blocked Keyway

A snapped key or dust particles are two examples of materials that can cause a blockage within your Keyway, resulting in the lock becoming non-functional. If you are able to remove the blockage then the issue should be rectified, however, with Keyways being incredibly small and dark, you will require specialist tools.



A misaligned lock is too often mistakenly disregarded as broken. If the lock and Strike Plate are incorrectly aligned their interaction is hindered and will prevent the lock from working as it should. Adverse weather conditions are a major factor in misalignment, doors can react to hot and cold temperatures by expanding and retracting, this reaction process is largely responsible for alignment issues. The good news is that in the majority of these cases, a little readjustment can rectify the issue with no new parts required.

Fixing Connections

Fixing Connections

You could be forgiven for thinking that a door lock swinging loosely from its fitting is broken, however, this is not always the case. A sagging or loose lock can simply have come loose from its connection fittings, through nothing more than the continual use. This can be rectified by removing the lock and then reinstalling it securely.

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Deadbolt Latches

The latch component of this lock is key to its functionality. Whether through misuse, accidental damage or general wear, if the latch becomes unaligned, bent or simply breaks, this could interfere with the doors closure and in turn your properties security is breached. Ensure that latches are in good form and extend and retract as they should. Damaged and misshapen latches should be replaced as opposed to repaired as readjusting them can weaken the latch significantly, and potentially cause the lock to fail, which would not only cause you inconvenience but also reduce your property security.

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